Stange Fish – Customer Service


Our last post looked at Customer service and how many organisations had yet to recognize the value of actually engaging with their customers.  

“If you’re not engaging customers during the entire product life cycle through social media, you’re missing out. Because someone else will.”

So after reading this amusing exchange between Sainsburys Customer Service and Marty Lawrence which has received a certain amount of exposure already I thought it was worthwhile covering here.

“I tried to buy some battered fish from @sainsburys but it didn’t have a bar cod!”

What followed was an excellent exchange of fish puns and quips par excellence so if you are  interested in how using humor in customer service can work well then these fishy stories are well worth a read. It demonstrates how using humor or let us say just showing your human side can actively engage and in many cases thrill the customer. I’m sure we all appreciate the surge of adrenalin when you get into an exchange like this especially as we draw to the end and wonder who will give the last remark. Read on and enjoy.


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