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#TwitterPubCrawl announced – 31st January Liverpool

If you are into Twitter and one of your new years resolutions was to get out a bit more and meet your twitter mates in the real world then this Twitter Pub Crawl is ideal for you. There have been a number of these over the past few years and along with Liverpool Tweetups (that’s a larger collection of Twitterphiles coming together to chat and network in the real world), they have made a real impact on that the way that cities residents choose to network. If all else fails when you are mixing with people you normally only exchange 140 characters with then you can discuss the merits of  Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad to talk about (costumes are optional). Follow  #twitterpubcrawl and get the 31st January into your diary.

And if you are doubt about how to follow a search #hashtag then simply follow @m8nd1 who is sure to be tweeting about it soon.

Stange Fish – Customer Service


Our last post looked at Customer service and how many organisations had yet to recognize the value of actually engaging with their customers.  

“If you’re not engaging customers during the entire product life cycle through social media, you’re missing out. Because someone else will.”

So after reading this amusing exchange between Sainsburys Customer Service and Marty Lawrence which has received a certain amount of exposure already I thought it was worthwhile covering here.

“I tried to buy some battered fish from @sainsburys but it didn’t have a bar cod!”

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The Ignored Side of Social Media: Customer Service

I thought I would highlight this article here as it is a fascinating look on the use or lack of use on social media for customer service inquiries. It examines how many organisations still don’t understand how useful twitter is for reporting customer problems let alone researching new products or projects which could help them with long term stability in this ever changing economic environment.

Many organisation are getting there with their levels of customer service via twitter,  as I know from my own experience this morning with who I’d complained to about a power outage. They even rang me back  relaying the issues surrounding the problem, leaving me with a fuller understanding of the problem plus the solutions that are being sought.  I walked away satisfied. Which is encouraging especially when you consider that  approximately 70% of customer service complaints made on Twitter go unanswered.

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Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to review use of public sector information

In a follow up to our Open Data session back in August I thought I would post this as many of you were interested in the business opportunities behind open data.

The comprehensive review, which was announced in the Open Data White Paper, will improve access to data and help promote economic growth by examining the market for public sector information. The objective is to improve access to data and promote economic growth, and in particular to look at:
*         The current use of public sector information within government, the private sector and by the general public

*         Opportunities for innovation and developing new data services with public sector information

*         Constraints on developing new services with public sector information and the role that current funding models play

*         The impact on competitiveness of existing and new businesses entering the market

*         An audit of current and past studies and the current use and re-use of public sector information

The review is set to report in Spring 2013.
More information is available here.