The Team

Here are the fantastic group of people that are bring you Social Media Cafe Liverpool

Alistair Houghton – Resident Master of Ceremonies by night and Business Correspondent for the Liverpool Echo by Day.

Neil Morrin – Chief Umpa Lumpa at Defnet Media, often seen behind cameras and organising tech events.  Will work for coffee.

Dan Lynch – This Open Source Linux outlaw controls the sound and makes your video streaming dreams come true at

Ross Dalziel – This laser based artist runs OFF CUT a laser cutting service and helps deliver the Social to Social Media Cafe.

Claire Sutton – Southport tweet up organising student Nurse is always on hand in case of emergency, she keeps our social media cogs oiled.

Social Media Cafe Liverpool is organised by How Why DIY, a community interest company that operates in Liverpool to promote the understanding of new technology to aid access to digital opportunities.

But of course they could never take place without the help and support from all the speakers that have ever spoken.


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