Museum Visits – a live web thingy

OK this doesn’t belong in this blog but is too good for me to forget about it by posting it in the wrong place or no where at all.

Good, Form & Spectacle

This is a blog post by Phil Gyford, who helped me make a thing. I’ve been curious about a tool called sheetsee.js for ages, and we made a site to show you the museums we visit, and it’s driven directly from a Google spreadsheet! I find myself wondering if small museums might be able to use this simple tech.

George has been keeping track of the museums she’s been visiting in a Google spreadsheet and wanted to make it a little more visible, useful and attractive.

Sheetsee.js looked like it might be just the thing to help. It makes it relatively easy to use data from a Google Spreadsheet to make pages containing tables, maps and charts. One of the Sheetsee.js examples, Hack Spots, was along the lines of what we wanted, which was reassuring.

Within a day we’d got a quick single-page site up on Heroku…

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Social media cafe – The return again

I thought I’d let you know that I’ve had a meeting with a couple of colleagues and we’re thinking of returning SMCLIV to it’s rightful status as the go to event for all things digital. SMC was never just about social media but about how digital developments were changing the way we work, live and think. Looking back on the subjects we covered over the years Open data, Big data, Mapping, walled gardens, Crowd funding, IOT, maker spaces, Journalism in a digital age and how digital is affecting working practices. That was a lot to cover with some interesting talks, speakers would travel to speak to our audience!!!

So the return. It’s going to be coming sooner rather than later but we’re going to need you to get involved even if it is just to sign up to the mailing list so we can ask you what you think.

Hopefully if all things go well we should see 4 events this year with the first in March hopefully entitled “Internet of people” but we’ll tell you more about that as time goes by.

Common Ground – The return of Social Media Cafe Manchester (#smc_mcr)

Started in 2008 Social Media Cafe became an institution. Meeting regularly on the first Tuesday of the month, it ran for over 5 years bringing an eclectic and sometimes bizarre selection of topics to discuss. From emoji madness and a requiem for Ceefax to more grounded subjects. Through #smc_mcr, Manchester kicked off its open data journey and became a stopping off place for people passing through, who had projects and passions to share. Most importantly #smc_mcr was a place where anyone with a passion could pitch up and propose a topic that they wanted to share with others – either to inform or to find help. Because of this #smc_mcr developed an unConference format that allowed multiple subjects to be discussed at the same time.

Fast forward to November last year in the snug of the Briton’s Protection a group of ex-#smc_mcr types came together to discuss how this venerable event could be reinstated. So Common Ground was born, an event with the same #smc_mcr goodness with a more pronouncable name.

Common Ground Launch Event – On the Cluetrain

To kick off Common Ground we look at The Cluetrain and the enigmatic release of new clues after 15 years.

The Cluetrain manifesto was written in an age before social media, when user generated content was but a tiny fraction activity banded around by a tiny number of people. The Cluetrain manifesto went beyond the current day thinking of the dot com boom – 1999 and the catastrophic bust – 2001. It rewrote the rules for a hyperconnected world and it could be argued, is as relevant today as it was then.

The new clues attempt to do the same, taking our thinking into the next 10 years. The event will discuss the new clues and asks if they will have the same impact as the original clues have now. Did Doc Searls and David Weinburger, undermine or add another chapter to the brilliance of the Cluetrain?

Join us.

Eventbrite link:

New speaker added to list for digital knowledge sharing

We’re delighted to announce that we have secured Andrew Bolster, the director of Farset Labs in Belfast as our third and final participant in our digital knowledge sharing event at Unit 51 on Thursday 29th May.

Andrew will be talking about his experience of founding and growing Farset Labs, a place for creativity and technology tinkering set up in 2012.

Joining him are Paul Hagan is a self described super talented web designer and musician from Liverpool and Matthew Hughes a super talented coder, organiser and  writer for Make Use Of.

So why not join use to hear from such sparkling talent on Thursday 29th at Unit 51.

Eventbrite - Social Media Cafe Liverpool It’s fun, free and easy going.

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Social Media Cafe – the return – for the digitally engaged and the digitally enraged

For the digitally engaged and the digitally enraged – Social Media Cafe – the return

We’ve been holding #SMCLIV as a place for people to share opinions, ideas and knowledge on subjects as wide ranging as Open Data, the Internet of Things, Future Gaming and new Media practices. So this is your place to find out what is going on in the background of the world of digital technology.

We have a exciting couple of speakers for you on the 29th May who will make you think differently.

Paul Hagan: Your app ruined my life 

Matthew Hughes: Why Startups Suck at Talking to the Press

We’re also hoping to bring you a third and possibly a forth speaker but are awaiting confirmation from them.

If you’ve never been before here is the low down. We ask speakers to come along and give talks, sometimes these are suggested to them by us and at other times they suggest a talk to us. Talks are given in a relaxed style where it is more about giving people the opportunity to talk, discuss and learn. At the end of the session we have a Q&A style session.

If you have something to share then why not get your name down on the list of speakers. Please complete the form on the website

We already have a fantastic talk lined up for June so it looks like we are going to be doing this on a regular basis once more.

Time: 6-9pm 29th May

Place: Unit 51, Cafe Jamaica Street, Liverpool

Social Media Cafe Liverpool is free.  

Eventbrite - Social Media Cafe Liverpool

New #smcliv it’s a time for sharing

There is nothing quite as nice as sharing knowledge and that is definitely why we created Social Media Cafe way back when Twitter was still only Four!!!

So as we said last week we are kicking off again with the mission to demystify the digital world.

New Venue

We’re going to be starting SMCLIV at a brand new venue – I hear many of your cheering – Yes we are going to be at the gorgeous Unit 51 on Jamaica Street, in the Baltic Area. They’ve kindly agreed to stay open late for us. So many thanks to them.


We haven’t set any dates yet but really wanted to get the ball rolling and get it back into your consciousness that are are rising once again. It will be a weekday and one that doesn’t clash with anything else already going on in the now busy digital scene.

SMCLIV Topics 

We have had some great suggestions for topics to cover but we want more (we always want more)  – so if you have a subject matter that you would love to get out into the open then get your name down on the list as a speaker. When we tweeted this morning that we were starting again we had an instant response from someone wishing to talk about Social Media and the Law so don’t be shy and get your talk down fast.

Submit a talk using the form below

You lead the way

When we started in 2010 there were no groups, no meetups or workshops talking to or teaching people about digital technologies here in Liverpool and now there are so many that whatever your digital area of interest there will be a group of people already meeting to discuss it and all you have to do is look. A good place to do that is in the Liverpool Digital Events calendar.

As soon as we have the first event organised we will let you know but stay in touch so you don’t miss it.

See you soon