Social Media Cafe – the return – for the digitally engaged and the digitally enraged

For the digitally engaged and the digitally enraged – Social Media Cafe – the return

We’ve been holding #SMCLIV as a place for people to share opinions, ideas and knowledge on subjects as wide ranging as Open Data, the Internet of Things, Future Gaming and new Media practices. So this is your place to find out what is going on in the background of the world of digital technology.

We have a exciting couple of speakers for you on the 29th May who will make you think differently.

Paul Hagan: Your app ruined my life 

Matthew Hughes: Why Startups Suck at Talking to the Press

We’re also hoping to bring you a third and possibly a forth speaker but are awaiting confirmation from them.

If you’ve never been before here is the low down. We ask speakers to come along and give talks, sometimes these are suggested to them by us and at other times they suggest a talk to us. Talks are given in a relaxed style where it is more about giving people the opportunity to talk, discuss and learn. At the end of the session we have a Q&A style session.

If you have something to share then why not get your name down on the list of speakers. Please complete the form on the website

We already have a fantastic talk lined up for June so it looks like we are going to be doing this on a regular basis once more.

Time: 6-9pm 29th May

Place: Unit 51, Cafe Jamaica Street, Liverpool

Social Media Cafe Liverpool is free.  

Eventbrite - Social Media Cafe Liverpool


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