New #smcliv it’s a time for sharing

There is nothing quite as nice as sharing knowledge and that is definitely why we created Social Media Cafe way back when Twitter was still only Four!!!

So as we said last week we are kicking off again with the mission to demystify the digital world.

New Venue

We’re going to be starting SMCLIV at a brand new venue – I hear many of your cheering – Yes we are going to be at the gorgeous Unit 51 on Jamaica Street, in the Baltic Area. They’ve kindly agreed to stay open late for us. So many thanks to them.


We haven’t set any dates yet but really wanted to get the ball rolling and get it back into your consciousness that are are rising once again. It will be a weekday and one that doesn’t clash with anything else already going on in the now busy digital scene.

SMCLIV Topics 

We have had some great suggestions for topics to cover but we want more (we always want more)  – so if you have a subject matter that you would love to get out into the open then get your name down on the list as a speaker. When we tweeted this morning that we were starting again we had an instant response from someone wishing to talk about Social Media and the Law so don’t be shy and get your talk down fast.

Submit a talk using the form below

You lead the way

When we started in 2010 there were no groups, no meetups or workshops talking to or teaching people about digital technologies here in Liverpool and now there are so many that whatever your digital area of interest there will be a group of people already meeting to discuss it and all you have to do is look. A good place to do that is in the Liverpool Digital Events calendar.

As soon as we have the first event organised we will let you know but stay in touch so you don’t miss it.

See you soon


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