The shape of things to come

Social Media Cafe Liverpool

Social Media Cafe Liverpool

To wrap up the year we have a bit of a departure to our normal format with a bit of future gazing as we invite in the ghost of Christmas Future. Yes we’ll be future gazing as we tuck into mince pies and mulled wine. 

We’ll be rounding up the year with some social media highlights and low lights, as we discuss Walled Gardens from the likes of Facebook, Apple and Windows; the Internet of Things or ubiquitous computing or how everyday items might one day be connected to the internet.

We’ll also be giving away with prizes (cheap ones) for those people and organisations that have rocked our world this year so if you have any suggestions then let us know.

Our speakers will be

Francis Irving from Scraperwiki
Hakim Cassimally – Co-author of The Internet of Things: enchanted objects for people
Alex Moore – Video games: what happens next?
Alex Moore looks at the video games industry, briefly looking at how it got to where it is, and where it might be heading as it responds to the shifts in the computing power available to us.

Your invited to ask questions throughout the evening and if you want to contribute a talk then your are welcome to, just let us know in advance.

We will be having a panel session at the end of the evening, where you are invited to ask any questions that have been raised during the evening or any others that you might bring with you.

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Come along and enjoy the conversations. Mince Pies and Mulled Wine will be obligatory.

Internet Fridge

The worlds first pointless kitchen appliance
Copyright: Adrian McEwen

Date: 18th December 2012
Doors Open: 6pm
Talks start: 6.30pm
Close: 9pm
Venue: Static Gallery, Roscoe lane, Liverpool

This event is kindly supported by 
ACME Liverrpool

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