Crowdfunding for success

Kickstarter is coming to the UK so it’s  time for a Crowdfunding special.

In the present economic climate, crowdfunding is a must for many new projects but outcomes can be hit and miss. So, we’ve organised this event to share information about successful campaigns and the lessons learnt. 

For some, crowdfunding can be a great way to market test their idea, for others it can help raise small amounts towards larger projects, either way, we are all working in an environment where less funding available. So be they artistic, digital or technological, crowdfunding is with us to stay, so lets use it better.

The evening will consist of 3-4 presentations by the following speakers then we will open the floor out for questions from the floor.

Alan Donohue from Bad Feeeling Film, who recently raised $16,000 to complete a quirky, upbeat, buddy-comedy/Sci-Fi adventure. Check out their Indiegogo campaign

Mark Smith from Spike Theatre who raised £2,750 through wefund towards an element of their project The Games 

Jenny Monks will discuss how the team at award-winning not for profit filmmaking organisation First Take, are using the Crowdfunding site Sponsume to help get their film, ‘Big Society The Musical’, into cinemas around the country.

I am not Left Handed – this Irish indie trio have used a number of crowdfunding platforms, most recently this year Kickstarter for a trip to Canada

Niall McGuinness from Milk Slice

We are very grateful to the speakers who have willingly (in some cases) given up their free time to come along and talk to us about their experiences of Crowdfunding.

Booking is FREE as are the best things in life 

Date: 24th October 2012
Doors Open: 6pm
Talks start: 6.30pm
Close: 11pm
Venue: Static Gallery, Roscoe lane, Liverpool


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