Social Media Cafe – Live! Zarino Zappia (scraperwiki)

Next up in Zarino Zappia (winner of the coolest name of the night) who is the Vice President of product at scraperwiki & MA Social Science of the Internet graduate at Oxford. Zarino gives us an over view on what Open Data is and some examples of how people are using it;

: – / open data
: – ) DaaS, APIs (social data)
: – ( Not-so-open-data

there are two main reasons why people use open data or participate with it and they are because 1. They liked the ideology of it or 2. They needed data!

So who’s making open data?
1. Governments, NGO’s
2. Corporations
3. Social APIs, DaaS

‘hold onto your shirts’ an example of opening data is Nike, who have realised that there are no more cotton in the world and have released there data & ‘trade secrets’ on how and where there cotton is from and how they make it etc.

Big data = Big requirements

If you want to talk more on scraperwiki or open data with Zarino tweet him: @zarino



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