Social Media Cafe – Live! Mark lliffe

Maps, monitoring and public services for when you’ve really lost it….

Mark Iliffe is a PhD Candidate at the Horizon Institute of the University of Nottingham researching maps, spatial quality and crowdsourcing in developing nations. He is also the project lead for Taarifa, an open source reporting and public services monitoring platform. Currently Taarifa is deployed in Uganda and Zimbabwe, with further projects planned for Tanzania and further afield.

The hillarious Mark actually introduces his talk on the subject of pornstars……. (his favourite cocktail) and then goes on to talk about his work in Tanzania.

what happened in Tanzania?
After mapping shops, hotels, religious facilities, water points and toilets they found that there were about 1 toilet in Tanzania for 96 people which is why cholera is so bad in these places. This is an example of how open data can open our eyes to the problems in these countries.

what is mark trying to do

Opendsm – google it (mark says)

Some links that are associated with this presentation:

The map:
Open Data Lol Cat:
Dar Flooding Post:
Slide Deck:

To talk to Mark tweet him at @markiliffe


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