Social Media Cafe – Live! Julian Tait (open data Manchester)

Our final speaker of the night is a project initiator and creative producer interested in the societal impact of technology and mechanisms that bring about change. His work is split between FutureEverything and Littlestar. Since May 2009 he has been leading the Open Data Cities programme called FutureEverything – welcome Julian!

how would a city evolve if all data was made open?

there are a lot of people that want to help there city and with the use of open data people can help other people by using it.

Manchester digital laboratory are people that congregate who created events like hack days and grand challenges that used open data in a positive way to create an idea or new way of looking at things that wouldn’t of otherwise. Transport of greater Manchester released there open data which gave us the ability to see how Manchester is evolving. People then started mapping and it created confidence within local authorities.

Examples of data projects;

Allotmentdata : mapping allotments of the country, waiting lists & symmetry
Internet of things
The co-operative movement (takes data & pulls it into narrative depending on your location)

Event! NHS hack day – Liverpool art and design academy 22 23rd Sept 2012

If you want to find out more about open data Manchester then look here:

Thanks to everyone that has attended tonight, to our speakers, tweeters and organisers there has been a great turn out and our brains are loaded with new information (mine most)

Remember to tweet us @smcliv or use the hash tag #SMCliv

Many thanks!



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