Social Media Cafe – Live, Jordy Van Kuijk (connected Liverpool)

Neil Morrin starts off my talking about what events are taking place this month in Liverpool which I have listed at the bottom of this post!

Jordy Van Kuijk – Connected Liverpool
‘openness can strengthen a democracy’ starting of with a quote from President Obama. Data is simply collecting and sharing something with someone else which is happening on a huge scale at the moment in Social Media. Governments in this century are starting to collaborate with the public and there are initiatives to open up data by competitions which simulate small enterprises to come up with new projects by using this data.

Julian goes on to say that people are worried about the ethics of open data and this is why we need to inform that open data is a good thing. The open data movement is growing at a huge scale.

Open data example:
crime related open data – app to tell you how much crime goes on in that street (find out more at

If you want to discover more at what data is available on a huge scale then check out these websites:

Extremely interesting talk on data with a brilliant speech on understanding the scale of open data, to talk more with Jordy tweet him at : @jordyvankuijk

What’s going on in Liverpool:

Gamedev north – 11th august at leaf cafe
Oggcamp ‘a free culture unconference’ – 18/19th August
Creative Liverpool – Elevator Bar
Jelly Liverpool – 19th July
Does Liverpool – digital fabrication & electronics 11th August



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