Invite yourself to our open mic night in September

September’s Social Media Cafe is going to be an Open Mic Night, so you can come along and give a talk on any subject digital or technology related.*

We have received so much interest by people wanting to give talks that we’ve decided to open it out for September’s edition and accept talks on a variety of subjects rather than our normal themed sessions.

So do you have a pet project, a particular solution to a digital dilemma, or just want to share a digital faux paux then this Social Media cafe is for you. We already have a couple of exciting talks lined up so get your name down on the list fast.

This Social Media Cafe will take place on 6th September from 6pm at Static Trading aka Static Gallery on Roscoe Street. details of how to book will be coming as soon as we have August’s event out of the way.

*Please no pitching or blatant promotion of your company or products, do submit your talks via the online form so we can keep track of how many we have.

Use Twitter? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #smcliv for all your Social Media Cafe tweet and follow @SMCLiv for announcement. Find us on Facebook.


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