Making Data visually understandable, a talk by Jer Thorp

This is a great talk from Jer Thorp at Thinking Digital 2011 about making data understandable, he has created some visually stunning pieces most notably the layout design for individuals to be included on the 9/11 memorial.

@ThinkingDigital 2011 – Jer Thorp, @blprnt, New York Times from Codeworks Ltd on Vimeo.

From thinking digital site:

“Jer Thorp takes big massive piles of data and somehow finds ways to make the data visually understandable and even beautiful. He was recommended to us by Wired’s Ben Hammersley back in 2009 and we’ve enjoyed a growing relationship with Jer ever since.

In this talk, Jer tells us about his amazing work helping the New York Times visualise the ‘life of a story’ and his moving work on the NYC 9/11 Memorial in using algorithms to help create the final design.

The Thinking Digital Conference is an annual gathering of creatives, innovators, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and techies. Each May, 700 Thinkers gather over 3 days to explore and celebrate the ideas and innovations that are changing our world.”


One thought on “Making Data visually understandable, a talk by Jer Thorp

  1. Some of the most interesting data is locked up in publisher’s vaults…when we have open data we will have big data…until then cool pictures will be the extent of data visualization.

    It is good that we are preparing ourselves and honing our visualization “skills” but until academic research is CC-BY we won’t have much to play with…

    Link removed to PDF as it wouldn’t load SMCLIV Editor

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