We want to hear about your Open Data projects

The next Social Media cafe is going to concentrate on Open Data and the way it can be used in a variety of contexts, be that for generating business leads,  checking street repairs or just looking for the best place to buy a new home.

If your busy screaming what is Open Data read on….

The Linked Gov definition of Open Data is:  Open data is non-personally identifiable data produced in the course of an organisation’s ordinary business, which has been released under an unrestricted licence (like the Open Government Licence).

Open public data is underpinned by the philosophy that data generated or collected by organisations in the public sector should belong to the taxpayers, wherever financially feasible and where releasing it won’t violate any laws or rights to privacy (either for citizens or government staff). via: http://linkedgov.org/what-is-open-data/

So at Social Media cafe Liverpool we are looking for examples of where Open Data is already being used in Liverpool. We are inviting people to come along and discuss how they use Open Data, and if you are willing we can give you an opportunity to present on the evening.

Date: 2nd August
Time: 6pm
Venue: Static Gallery, Roscoe Lane, Liverpool.

Tickets will soon be available for this event and the link will be posted here.

There is more information about Open Data and Open Data uses below



2 thoughts on “We want to hear about your Open Data projects

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