Facebook set to grow

There was a comment I heard this morning that in 10 years time 20 year olds will be changing their names due to what they have written or posted to Facebook.

So the drunken photos or silly comments of today will mean you don’t get that job tomorrow. I wouldn’t in any way say that this is right but we need to think about what we post and it’s longevity.

So have you ever posted anything inappropriate to Facebook or Twitter?


One thought on “Facebook set to grow

  1. Not sure if the “10 years time” rule applies, should be the “10 minutes time” rule.

    Earlier this year, I was interviewing undergraduates for a placement at the company I work for, and casually asked HR if they ever did a quick Facebook or Twitter check. They said they didn’t.

    So with enough info on the CV’s to identify them, I had a quick look, and was faced with spliff smoking pics of one candidate, and another who ran his own domain and website with party pics not leaving much to the imagination!

    Luckily, they didn’t make the grade on the aptitude tests, otherwise it could have made for interesting second round interviews!

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