Prezi Vs PowerPoint – Social Media Vs Microsoft

Ahh the wonders of the power point presentation. We have all needed to present even though for me, its my worst nightmare, however power point has made it some what easier. If i can design a nice power point presentation then maybe people will not notice my over accelerated speech or my shaking fingers *sigh*.

Presentations are a key part in everyone’s life, people present there pitches, there assignments, there best man speeches every single day and thousands of tools have come around to help us. Social Media is one of them tools. I’m beginning to think whether there is actually something you cant do with social media these days … is a presentation cloud, created in 2009 and is known for its zooming features. It allows you to create a story by using text, pictures and graphs in a very simplistic way to form a very visually pleasing presentation. You can then share this file with anyone, letting them edit the prezi themselves or you can chose to have it locked so that it can only be viewed. Great for an online interview or assignment.

So let’s compare power point and prezi


Online tool
Easy to share to mass audience, quickly
Full version is expensive (*tip* if you have a student email address you get it free)
Very few features
Modern/visually pleasing
Easy to create a fresh design
Uses flash to view offline
Team editing

Power point

Offline tool
Sharing is a time consuming task
Free with Microsoft package
Thousands of features
Can look dated
Design is time consuming
Compatible with all computers – no added software needed

After recognising some of the features it becomes obvious that power point seems far more dated when put next to a tool like prezi. Even though an Internet connection is needed prezi is less time consuming and you don’t need to be a graphic designer to creat one!


One huge difference an online presentation tool gives us is the ability to have multiple creators. With prezi you can share the file to anyone you wish and they can then edit the file. If your marketing team needs to create a pitch – then everyone can work/be apart of the creation of it! You can even send the presentation straight over to a client without even being there!

Zooms. The key feature, creates a path for you to follow whilst watching the presentation. Like clicking to the next slide on power point instead it zooms in and out of the same page, which is very very cool.

Uploading your prezi to the public is one thing, but searching public prezis is fantastic. Search any subject and there will be hundreds of prezis to look at, and because prezi is a simple tool, all prezis are easy to understand and nice to look at.


We have to be careful with our presentation software choosing. We have to remember that people do not like change. PowerPoint is easy to follow and traditional. People are used to the design and because it is so familiar can understand slides, how to navigate them and how to print them off.

Offline tools are far more accessible, PowerPoint offers us a tool that you can use anywhere and you don’t have any trouble with Internet connections.

I think we will see a rise in presentation platforms over the next few years but it will be sure hard to compete with prezi!

I want to see some cool prezi’s, so tweet us with some @smcliv


2 thoughts on “Prezi Vs PowerPoint – Social Media Vs Microsoft

  1. I’ve been trying to work out which is best for a while (I compared them here: I hadn’t considered the collaborative approach much – but that is a powerful aspect.

    From a classroom point of view, I think the non-linear nature of prezi could be very powerful, as long as it is well exploited. – Death by Prezi is just as possible…

    • People do like traditional, and prezi does take time to get it looking good however Powerpoint looks so dated against it and Prezi might attract more attention in the classroom than the same olllllee powerpoint!

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