Social media Cafe Liverpool – the reboot

SMC LogoI have been thinking about a reboot of Social Media Cafe Liverpool for some time as it is a bit overdue as the last event, sorry the last brilliant event was in February. There was loads going on that week and since then we have sat back and taken it easy, well actually just got on with other stuff.

So if your interested in getting involved we are looking for
– volunteers to help organise
– suggestions for topics
– suggestions for speakers to cover those topics
– ideas for the format

Just on the format, I really like the kind of lecture format with a 20 minute presentation then a Q&A, as it works really well but we are open to conversations about it.

Some topics so far are

  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Organisational Networking
  • Growing the ‘Internet of Things’
  • Big data and Experimentation
  • Customer Relationship Management

I’m really looking forward to hearing your response.

5 thoughts on “Social media Cafe Liverpool – the reboot

  1. Sounds interesting :D

    What exactly is the idea of the event? To talk about anything social media related? Or is it more how to use social media in business etc?

  2. Wait never mind, just seen the description on the other pages! I may be interested in heading down should there be another one yes

  3. Happy to volunteer.

    Also happy to do a presentation on ‘Social Mobilisation: Leveraging the Social Graph to build Community Resilience’

  4. I’m definitely in and happy to help organise!

  5. Good News just had confirmation that we can use Static on Roscoe Lane. Just need to confirm the dates now so there will be more soon.

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