There’s lots of geeky goodness in Liverpool this autumn!

We've been hibernating like this adorable bat, ain't we cute?

Sorry that we’ve been rather quiet of late, Social Media Cafe Liverpool has been hibernating since the fun and games of Social Media in Liverpool Week.

If you are wanting to get your geek on in Scouseland this autumn there are a plenty of events coming up that might scratch that itch. Here’s two examples:

Ignite Liverpool Seven – Thursday 15 September

Ignite Liverpool, the best mad 5 minute public speaking event ever, is back for the seventh time on Monday 15 September at one of our favourite venues, Leaf Cafe on Bold Street. It is a really fun evening, even if you are just coming down to watch. If you are presenting then remember to invite your friends and loved ones – and if they really can’t make it they can always watch the live video stream online. As always, there’s more about Ignite Liverpool, including a basket load of videos from previous talks, over on

TEDxLiverpool – Tuesday 1 November

The second TEDxLiverpool will be held on Tuesday 1 November 2011 from 1pm – 6pm at FACT on Wood Street. This year’s theme is ‘A Mobile Future’ which will explore in part the amazing innovations in the area of mobile communications which has had massive impacts across the areas of technology, entertainment & design. Tickets are going fast and they’ve already had to move it to a larger venue, so get your skates on if you want one! Find out more on


… and there’s more!

More geeky events, including Jelly Liverpool, Liverpool WordPress Interest Group and Liverpool Geek Up can be found on the Open Labs Google calendar, it’s very handy!


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