The Social Media Social – Friday 11 February 2011

or Oh, I Follow You On Twitter!

As the first ever Social Media in Liverpool Week draws to a close, the (self proclaimed) Berty Wooster of Social Media invites you (yes, all of you!) to join the geeks of Liverpool for an evening of fine wine and rough tunes.

Next Friday at LEAF Bold Street – 8.30pm till bedtime – come out to play at the Social Media Social. Take things offline with an evening of live music and conviviality for anyone who fancies putting a face to the twitter handle.

Live music will be provided by the excellent 20lb Sounds, who will be serving up a spicy hot selection of covers and original material – including a song about everyone’s favourite wee blue bubble blowing robot.

We also have music from local DJs serving a mix of funk, soul, hip-hop, beats, some secret geekery planned and you can dictate what tunes you’d like to hear in between by adding them to our collaborative Spotify playlist.

Entrance is FREE, just bring your friendliest face to celebrate Liverpool’s vibrant creative, digital and tech scene. See you there!

There’s still time to get involved, so if you are a DJ, musician or in a band and want to play for gang of friendly geeks, get in touch!


4 thoughts on “The Social Media Social – Friday 11 February 2011

  1. I didn’t realise Liverpool had such a vibrant social media community! That would explain why they have done well in the Facebook competition –

    How often will the cafe event be run?

  2. Do you have to be part of chamber?

    • Hi Lisa – you don’t have to be part of anything to come out tonight! This is not organised by the Chamber of Commerce, they’ve just kindly helped us promote this event.

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