Social Media Cafe 3 Round Up

Thanks to everyone who came to the Biennial Visitors Centre last Wednesday for the third Social Media Cafe Liverpool. Thanks to everyone who came, took part and watched on U Stream it was an excellent evening, especially the Biennial for letting us use the space.

Speaking of U Stream, you can watch the video of the night over on the U Stream site. It starts of pretty quiet because Ella and Alistair are not miked up, but if you persevere all the speakers come through loud and clear.

Alistair Houghton – Business correspondent for the Liverpool Daily Post – covered the evening in the LDP Creative blog and Ade Bond – a member of the ever excellent Fab Collective – wrote about the evening in his blog. Stuart Ian “Feeling Listless” Burns also wrote about the evening on his blog – it’s a Top 25 Art & Culture Blog, dontcha know?! Thanks guys! If I’ve missed anything, please link to it from the comments.

Social Media Cafe Liverpool takes a break in November to make room for Ignite Liverpool on Tuesday 23 November. If people talking passionately for 5 minutes (and 5 minutes only) on a range of topics sounds like fun, check out the Ignite Liverpool website to find out more and book tickets.

The next Social Media Cafe Liverpool shall be in early December. We’ll let you know details as soon as we have them confirmed – but meanwhile, if you would like to help out, give a talk (15 minutes on any social media related subjects to a broad audience) or want to know more, please email us or comment on this post.

Thanks everyone!

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