Alison Gow at SMCLiv #1

Social Media Cafe Liverpool is absolutely overjoyed to announce the first speaker at the first SMCLiv.

Alison Gow is the Executive Editor, Digital, for the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo. At Social Media Cafe Liverpool she’ll introduce some of the free data visualisations tools available online and provide real life examples of how to use them. She’ll show us that you don’t need lots of words to make a point or tell a story.

As a keen and very well respected advocate of Web 2.0 and a bit of a Merseyside Twitter Star, we are very pleased that Alison will be taking part in the first Social Media Cafe Liverpool.

You can read a blog by Alison about SMCLiv on the Liverpool Echo Tech Blog, and of course you can follow Alison on twitter – @AlisonGow

Alison will be joined at SMCLiv by two other very interesting speakers… Keep an eye out since we will be announcing them very soon!

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